The liver is the organ of detoxification in the human body and is even more essential for life.

The liver is the body’s detoxifying organ and is essential to life. For farmers who have been exposed to chemical pesticides for years in order to cultivate their plants, even with careful precautions, it is not possible to prevent them from being poisoned. Therefore, it is necessary to detoxify the body to keep the toxins out of the body in order to achieve true health.

Farmers spraying pesticides must try to prevent contact with the pesticides, but in many cases they are overwhelmingly micro-toxic and can affect the liver over time.

Any molecules that cannot be assimilated by the human body but will destroy normal tissues are considered as “poison”.

Pesticides are highly toxic and cannot allow toxins to be stored in the body, so they can be removed through diuresis and bowel movements to achieve the so-called “clearing the qi and lowering the turbidity” in Chinese medicine to ensure your safety and make you a “happy nurturer”.

Take care of your liver, detoxify and detoxify your body, all without toxins!
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