Life begins at 70, the secret of longevity is to nourish your liver!

Taiwan people are living longer and longer, according to the Ministry of Interior statistics, the average age of remaining life of women is as high as 82, and men can also reach 76, often see many retired silver-haired people, traveling around the streets. There is a saying that life begins only when you are 70 years old, if you are not yet retired, you often have the phenomenon of easy fatigue, it is likely that the liver problems, then you need to properly nourish the liver detoxification, in order to continue to live a wonderful life with a lot of energy.

Live like yourself to enjoy your retirement

The poet Du Fu has a famous line in his poem, “Life is rare when you are seventy years old”; however, Dr. Sheng-Pu Lee, a Chinese medicine doctor, believes that life only begins when you are 70 years old, and that you should live like yourself, be healthy and active, and be able to take care of everything lively, in order to enjoy your retirement life, and even be able to serve yourself and others. And want to still be able to hear and see at the age of 70, strong and healthy, running and jumping freely, in the young should think about their own health, do not wait until old age, began to wither, weakness and disease, physical decline and functional disease, only to think about the pursuit of health, it will be too late.

Forty waist, fifty shoulders, sixty ears, seventy blindness are due to the lack of self-care

Dr. Sheng-Pu Lee is 77 years old, practicing medicine for 55 years, currently still see a doctor three days a week, three days to play ball, one day and friends and relatives to get together, he is well versed in health care, at the age of 57 can still play bare shoulders meditation in the snow, this year’s Spring Festival also went skiing with young people 100 km; he said, many people have the so-called 40 waist, 50 shoulders, 60 ears, 70 blindness, it is because they did not do a good job in the young Self-care.

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Do self-care to cultivate the body-free realm

When it comes to self-care, Dr. Sheng-Pu Lee, who never knew what hard work was, studied Taoism and Buddhism through meditation and cultivated to the state of no body; he pointed out that the Tao Te Ching “I have a big patient because I have a body, and I have no body, what do I have to suffer? and the Vajra Sutra “to see the appearance is not the appearance”, is to be able to no physical sensation, walking, sitting and lying without illness to relax, there will be sickness and pain to feel. Dr. Lee also called on everyone to learn Taoism and Buddhism through meditation, to do a good job of self-care, and not to go to the hospital all day long when you are 70 years old and wait in line to see a doctor.

Taking care of the liver is not only about the liver, but also about the five elements.

For the phenomenon of easy fatigue from time to time, it is likely that the liver problems, what should be done at this time? The father of the liver pill in Taiwan, Dr. Sheng-Pu Lee pointed out that the liver is not the only care of the liver, but modern people only see the organs, giving themselves pressure; in fact, the whole body is the liver, the liver is the source of vitality, and the liver is wood, is an important source of nutrition for the body, is one of the five elements, the five elements of the human body, gold, wood, water, fire and earth have been running, the liver can produce energy, so that the whole body’s chi in circulation. Nutritional gas to the tissues, are comfortable and warm, the whole body, the body as if there is no body.

To eliminate all sentient beings and detoxify the liver in silence

Then how to nourish the liver detoxification it? Dr. Sheng-Pu Lee stressed that the liver has been silently detoxification, eating toxic things is absolutely not, but to completely avoid toxicity is not easy; so, all vegetables and fruits, chicken, ducks and fish are eaten, some people will always think about what is eaten, but into the tangible is an obstacle, should be as the Vajra Sutra said, to eliminate all sentient beings, do not get attached! It is like someone who goes to a restaurant and often takes pictures with a camera, which is not good.

A healthy liver gives you the energy you need to live life to the fullest!

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