Is it good to have a glowing red face? A lustrous red face is healthy

If you have a red face every day, don’t be happy too early, it may be a phenomenon of high blood pressure, have to be careful! Many people will be red after drinking wine, or red after exercise, thinking that the blood circulation is good, and even after take a hot spring bath, also red face, think it is not a problem; in fact, this may be a surge in blood pressure, especially in the quarrel, often have a red face and thick neck, if you do not pay attention, it may happen regrettably, be especially careful.

Red face is blood congestion is not smooth, blood vessel blockage will form high blood pressure

Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu said that many people with red faces seem to have a lot of blood, in fact, the blood congestion is not smooth, the microvasculature is not abundant, resulting in a lower arterial-venous vascular conversion rate, the blood flow back to the heart in the tail end of the blood vessels is not smooth, which will cause blood vessel blockage, will form high blood pressure, and high blood pressure is a physical change, but it looks like a red face.

It is easy to live in the body to vaporize, and the life of liquefaction will be rigid.

Therefore, in terms of traditional Chinese medicine, blood congestion will cause vascular disease. Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu pointed out that when the body is vaporized, the body will feel relaxed, like balloons can jump high and far, each drop of water and blood cells are full of oxygen and heat; and if the body is liquefied, it will slowly become rigid, many young people are red, fat, like water balloons, this is the liquefied life, so easy to vascular sclerosis, liver cirrhosis, lung fibrosis, visceral function and muscle and tendon Sclerosis of the internal organs and muscles and tendons, but the bones are softened and loosened, which are all structural problems of the human body.

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Avoid high blood pressure by starting with diet and exercise

Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu explained that physical energy is vital energy, nutrients in the body will be vaporized, the microcirculation will be good, high blood pressure is not too much blood, but poor vascular endings, resulting in liquefaction and stiffness in the body, vital energy will decline, which in turn leads to blushing; Therefore, to avoid high blood pressure, you can start with diet and exercise, exercise is the best way, diet is not to eat too salty, not too oily, and do not get angry, otherwise there may be a stroke or even death. Otherwise, there is a high risk of stroke and even death. The heart is quiet, the body is relaxed, and the muscles are relaxed, so that after middle age, you can live a noble life with a clear mind.

Side effects of western drugs are more complete when combined with herbal treatment

Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu further pointed out that there are many western drugs to lower blood pressure can be treated, but if taking western drugs is not good, not enough spirit, blood pressure can not be lowered, or have side effects, then it is possible to complement the Chinese medicine to supplement the blood, can activate the blood and blood stasis of the Chinese medicine, coupled with an appropriate amount of water to regulate the body Qi, can make the blood concentration lower, and can make the physical strength back to normal, and then can go to exercise, should be a more complete treatment.

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