The most widely known Chinese medicine is water medicine, but it is inconvenient to carry and preserve, and people used to think of "honey" to improve it.

After the Chinese herbs have been prepared “Pao Zhi”, the next step is to decoct the herbs. The herbs are decocted in a pot of water, and the resulting soup is ready for consumption. However, the decoction process is tedious and lengthy, and it is not easy to store the finished product, so if you have to leave home for a long period of time, it is not possible to prepare the soup yourself. To solve this problem, the ancients created the Black Pill.

Honey is a natural antiseptic. In ancient Egyptian tomb collections, there are still undecayed honey, which has a very low water content and can increase the viscosity of liquids. Inspired by ancient Chinese herbalists, honey is added to soups, heated and baked to produce black pills that can be stored for a long time and easily carried. The dark shape is the colour of baked honey, which is the best modifier for the healing properties of the herbs.

With the advancement of modern science, Chinese herbal medicine is available in various dosage forms such as powder, tablet, etc. However, the most traditional black pill is still one of the best choices with its round shape for easy swallowing and made of all natural ingredients.

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