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The human heart needs to transport blood throughout the body, so heart care is a very multifaceted task that cannot be ignored. If the gastrointestinal nutrition is not enough to be absorbed, or the kidney filtration function is not good enough, the blood production function is not strong enough, the brain cells do not discharge enough electricity, or the end circulation of the whole body is not good enough, causing the tissues to begin to harden, many factors will make the burden on the heart aggravate, because the heart has to bear the influence from all sides, over time will accumulate into a variety of heart disease.

A while ago, Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu met a 92-year-old Japanese patient who he hadn’t seen for decades. And a healthy 60-year-old heart! This old lady does not look like she is in her nineties, she is still mobile and has no hunchback, compared to some people in their sixties. It is already too old to need a change of heart. So it’s all about maintenance, Dr. Lee says. Over the past few decades, he’s found that patients who regularly take health care drugs rarely get sick. Heart disease, of course, does not require stents or catheters.

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From the viewpoint of Chinese medicine, heart disease is not a single method of treatment, as the treatment concept involves the interaction of the whole body. The heart, lungs, kidneys and other organs are treated as local specialties, and Chinese medicine focuses on the overall interaction of the internal organs. The concept of balance between yin and yang. The heart is the source of the circulatory power of the whole body, but the movement of the body’s yin and Yang, the body’s weight, physical strength, can not just take care of the heart. The perfect solution is to also care about the perimeter of the heart! If you take only heart-related medications, such as those that slow the heartbeat or promote coronary artery circulation in hypertensive patients, you may be able to use the following medications This is not a perfect therapy.

For example, the large intestine and small intestine produce Qi and blood respectively, so a balance must be struck, and whether the liver can store enough energy. ? Some people shiver whenever they are hungry, and of course, it affects the heart as well, shivering means that the heart is not getting enough qi, even when it is full. Boredom and sleepiness can increase the burden on the heart. To put it simply, from the perspective of Chinese medicine practitioners, apart from releasing stress, the knowledge of heart health care is to eat less cold and too sweet food. Don’t eat too full, too oily these details, because ultimately will affect the heart, because the heart needs to run the whole body nutrition, daily maintenance The heart must not be forgotten.

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Originally from: Health Chinatimes
Health Chinatimes/ Reporter Zhao Xin reports 2009.03.24

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