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  • SP Lung Support (760 capsules / bottle)

    ◆Supports clear lungs and easy breathing
    ◆Natural herbal extracts
    ◆Formulated by Dr. Sheng-pu Lee and sold in Taiwan for over 40 years
    ◆GMP Quality Assured
    ◆Dietary Supplement

    ◆08/19-09/29/2019 Mid-Autumn Festival Event◆
    SP Lung Support, 10% off on 3 bottles, and receive DOUBLE POINTS

  • SP Pro-Liver Pills Yang Gan Wan

    ◆Supports natural detoxification of the liver and healthy liver functions
    ◆Formulated by Taiwan’s Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu, renowned Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor
    ◆Sold & trusted worldwide for over 50 years

    ◆04/22-06/02/2019 Mid-Autumn Festival Event◆
    SP Pro-Liver Pills sale price:2000 pills $340.00, 3000 pills $485.99