Ginseng Supplement

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  • 5 Seng Tea

    ◆ with the five elements designed to run the health tea, with five elements and five colors of five parts of the deployment of ginseng
    ◆ thirst, refreshing, for those who can not drink coffee is a big blessing

    ◆04/22-06/02/2019 Mother's Day Event◆
    5 Seng Tea pick 3 boxes-15% off

  • KGC Korean Red Ginseng Aronia, 10 pcs
    ◆ 91.8% juice of high proportion (Polish wild cherry: American grape: Korean pear = 35: 35: 30)
    ◆ add 1% six-year-old Korean korean extract, and the properties of colder berries ◆ different from the market, berry drinks, real material, do not add a drop of water ◆ No preservatives, pigments, acids Sweet and delicious ◆ contains wild cherry berry anthocyanins, vitamin A, vitamin C, iron and other nutrients maintenance
  • KGC Korean Red Ginseng Extract & Prune, 100g
    ◆ Six-year-old Koryuon and dietary fiber rich dates combined ◆ help to maintain digestive function and regulate the body ◆ Korean beauty beauty beauty products designed for women ◆ made with natural ingredients, no artificial additives
  • KGC Korean Red Ginseng Extract Capsule Gold,100 Capsules
    ◆ 6-year-old Komachi concentrated powder ◆ Capsule and PEP packaging, and without the special smell of Koruna ◆ Easy to eat and carry
  • KGC Korean Red Ginseng Extract Everytime Plus
    ◆Korean Red Ginseng grown for 6 years
    ◆ Supports and can help maintain digestive function
    ◆ Lightweight package is easy to carry anywhere for you to recharge yourself anytime.
  • KGC Korean Red Ginseng Extract Plus
    ◆ Made from 6-year-old Koraite raw materials ◆ Zhengguanzhuang's signature products with a distinctive Koryo scent ◆ Adjustments to physical fitness and strength to help maintain digestive function ◆ Healthy gift for VIPs

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