Elevated liver index is a warning sign of severe COVID-19

The global COVID-19 pandemic, which has so far been unable to be contained, is life-threatening when it becomes severe. New York University has found that a combination of deep muscle soreness, elevated serum aminotransferase ALT and elevated hemoglobin may be a warning sign of severe lung disease, and that liver function plays an important role in this epidemic. The liver is the detoxification organ, in addition to detoxification, the secretion of bile, the synthesis and conversion of nutrients, storage and blood production are all important functions of the liver, it can be said that the liver is like the human body’s chemical plant, day and night non-stop carrying out all kinds of chemical reactions, if the liver is diseased, then the various functions will inevitably be affected. Therefore, the usual should take good care of the liver can prevent the problem before it occurs.

Anti-viral drugs are easy to damage the liver and liver drugs help recovery

According to Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu, the father of Taiwan’s liver pills, reducing liver damage means strengthening the immune system. In western medicine, taking antiviral drugs is effective for some diseases, but it is easy to injure the liver. In clinical experience, patients taking anti-cancer drugs or antiviral drugs, including patients with difficult diseases such as scleroderma and pulmonary fibrosis, are greatly helped by taking liver nourishing drugs, which can even prevent the blood vessels from hardening, which is dangerous if the blood vessels are hardened.

Dr. Lee has his own unique views on liver health, he stressed, the liver is wood, like a tree, need to absorb light energy, photosynthesis, the liver is the same as a tree, need metabolism, if the epidemic isolation, a good rest and adjustment, supplement sleep, the liver will absorb enzymes, metabolism in the body, so that cation increases, which is very important for the body to restore health.


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Nurturing the body and liver Don’t drink ice water when it’s cold

Dr. Lee also advises people to drink water at room temperature and not to be greedy for coolness. He says that many people drink iced water in the summer to fight the heat, but overheating reduces the body temperature, which can cause stones, endocrine disorders, hardening of the blood vessels and even cardiovascular blockage. This is an incorrect way to adjust body yang, which will lead to more diseases. Therefore, it is important for the body to have sufficient yang, to cultivate yang energy in the body, and to vaporize the nutritional quality in order to be more active.


Practice meditation to nourish your mind and body during periods of isolation and bad moods

During the outbreak of COVID-19, many people were in a bad mood due to the need for isolation, Dr. Lee suggested practicing meditation. He explained that in Buddhism and Taoism, people sit in silence and do not have contact with the outside world, just like Sakyamuni who sat in silence under the bodhi tree. Many people think that he was in asceticism, but in fact, Sakyamuni was happier sitting in meditation under the Bodhi tree than living in the palace, because meditation is in the world of bliss, enjoying the pleasure of bodily energy. Dr. Lee  added, “We must be happy and not think too much, for if our mind is restless, we will not sleep well, and our body and mind will not be calm. If you don’t sleep well, The chemical action of the liver has to be undisturbed in order to function well. If one sleeps well and is full of energy, one will have great energy and can enjoy the happiest days of human life.”

The year of the Gengzi is unstable, and the world is at peace with itself

Therefore, Dr. Lee believes that meditation can help the world to avoid disaster, adjust the health of life, enjoy the happiness of gaining Qi in quietness, and restore the body. This year is the year of Gengzi, in the five elements of the Chinese people, Geng is gold, according to the Chinese medicine point of view, Yang is relatively weak, in this unstable year of Gengzi, I hope the world can be quiet, in meditation can realize that we all do not fight, in addition to enjoying the supreme happiness, to have the idea of peace, cultivate the body to make themselves happy, and infect the whole world are happy!

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