Electronic Gadgets Lovers Need to Take Care of Eyes, There is a New Choice of Chinese Herbal Supplement

Are you a electronic gadgets lover? Modern people can’t live without electronic gadgets , almost everyone has become a electronic gadgets lover! There is no greater injury than head-on injury to the eyes, which are often fogged up by afternoon. Therefore, it is important to take good care of your eyes. In addition to reducing the amount of time you spend with your eyes and going outdoors to see more, lutein is also an important supplement for your eyes. But there are so many lutein available in the market, how should people choose? The nutritionists have pointed out that the Chinese herb Goji Berry contains three to five times more lutein than corn and carrots, and with Chinese herbal remedies such as Dendrobium, bilberry and millet herb, it is very helpful for eye health.

Lutein is necessary to protect the macula against UV radiation and free radical damage.

According to nutritionist Chu Sui-kwan, the eye has a rice grain-sized macula in the center of the retina, which can maintain color and visual functions. The macular pigment is nourished by lutein, and the macula is to resist the damage of ultraviolet rays and free radicals. If we can take enough lutein to supplement its nutrition, we can protect our eyes from the damage of ultraviolet rays. According to overseas research, lutein increases the eye’s absorption of long wavelengths of light and reduces the burden on the macula, thus preventing the degeneration of the macula of the retina and protecting against macular degeneration, which is caused by UV rays and photoaging over a long period of time.

Goji berries contain lutein and zeaxanthin, three to five times more than corn and carrots.

According to nutritionist Chu Sui-kwan, the human body is unable to synthesize the yellow color of leaves on its own, so this essential nutrient has to be consumed from food. Lutein is usually found in green or yellow-green fruits and vegetables, such as spinach, pumpkin and yellow-green fruits, and especially in egg yolk. The Chinese herbal formula also contains lutein. The more familiar Chinese Goji Berry contains lutein and zeaxanthin, which are essential nutrients for macular degeneration. The lutein content of Goji berries is three to five times higher than that of corn and carrots.

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Chronic eye overuse or contact lens wear, Dendrobium can reduce dry eye discomfort.

In addition, the Chinese herbal medicine Dendrobium is also good for the eyes; nutritionist Chu Sui-kwan further pointed out that Dendrobium can reduce body dryness, and Dendrobium not only reduces dryness of the skin, but also reduces dryness of the eyes; some people overuse their eyes or wear contact lenses for a long period of time, and their eyes are dry, if combined with Dendrobium, it can reduce dryness of the eyes and increase the comfort of the eyes.

Beta-Carotene Prevents Night Blindness and Dry Eye Millet herb for eyesight

She mentioned that in addition to lutein, zeaxanthin is similar in structure to lutein and is a nutrient needed by the macula of the eyes. Beta-carotene can also be converted to vitamin A in the body, which in turn can prevent night blindness and dry eye, as well as improve macular degeneration. There is also millet herb this ingredient, can also protect the eyes, millet herb in English is eye bright, that is, eyes bright, as the name suggests is to eat can help bright purpose herb, is the European medieval herb to protect the eyes, can eliminate eye tension so that the eye muscles relax, eye inflammation also help.

Bilberry has anthocyanins that promote the growth of retinal violet, with antioxidant capacity to reduce free radical damage.

It’s common to see bilberries in health food products containing lutein; nutritionist Chu Sui-kwan explains that bilberries are a fruit that resembles blueberries. The anthocyanin in bilberry is very similar to blueberry, which can promote the growth of retinal violet matter, enabling the retina to adapt to changes in light and improve the eye’s ability to recognize in the dark. The anthocyanins in bilberry also have strong antioxidant properties that can reduce free radical damage to the eyes. As the eyes have many capillaries, when they are damaged by oxidation and free radicals, the blood cannot flow, which will affect the nutrient transport and metabolic function.

Electronic gadgets lovers, students, office workers, drivers, middle-aged and beyond all need a special supplement of lutein.

In addition to electronic gadgets lovers who need to have a good look, nutritionist Chu Sui-kwan mentioned that students often need to study hard at close range, and office workers need to look at the computer because of work, driving a car with a lot of sunlight in the driver’s line of sight, and the eyes start to degenerate after middle age, which will cause damage to the eyes. They also need a special supplement of lutein to protect your eyes.

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