Eight ways to nourish the liver in Chinese medicine

Are you tired? This well-known advertising slogan speaks to the hearts of workers. One in five adults in Taiwan is a hepatitis B carrier, and at least three million people are carriers at present. The young cases of violent hepatitis are heard from time to time, Chinese medicine doctor Sheng-Pu Lee believes that liver fatigue is a precursor to liver disease, there are eight ways to nourish the liver, you can drink loach soup and steamed clams to nourish the liver.

In his book, Dr. Sheng-Pu Lee said that the predecessor of cirrhosis is liver dysfunction, the cause of liver dysfunction is liver fatigue, at this stage, it is not easy to detect the cause of the disease in general Western medical tests, liver fatigue people are prone to physical fatigue, chest tightness, abdominal tendency to have a feeling of fullness, more frequent bowel movements and not striped, frequent colds, sore eyes after intercourse, irregular menstrual flow, face prone to dark spots and skin roughness and less luster and other symptoms. He said that people with three or more of these symptoms should seek medical attention and pay attention to their dietary habits, not just through blood tests, but also through ultrasound to check liver function.

Thirty-one year old Ms. Liu said, she because of long years in the hairdressing industry, daily exposure to chemical agents, coupled with overtime work, and their own fatty liver, within three years she twice violent explosive hepatitis, almost to replace the liver, after a month of Chinese medicine treatment, the original soaring to more than 2,000 liver index down to normal values, now she advised young people do not “iron teeth”, think that young will not get liver disease, it is best not to stay up late, the best. It is better not to stay up late and live a normal life.

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Dr. Sheng-Pu Lee proposed eight ways to nourish the liver from the Chinese medicine point of view, including: go to bed before 11 p.m., develop the habit of defecating in the morning, eat a normal diet without overeating, always eat breakfast, cook with as little oil as possible, eat less fried and deep-fried oil, do not stir-fry, do not eat ice and blow less air conditioning, and always keep a happy mood.

For people with cirrhosis, Dr. Sheng-Pu Lee said, loach is very good protein, patients can use one or two loach and ginger or radish, a few garlic to cook soup to drink; In addition, jaundice, hepatitis attacks, you can steam garlic clams, a pound a day, no need to add water when steaming soup.

A healthy liver gives you the energy you need to live life to the fullest!

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Originally from: Chinesetimes Health
Chinesetimes Health/ Reporter Yi-fen Zeng reports 2008.6.10

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