Drinking alcohol is hard to avoid! The authority on liver care will teach you tips on liver care!

Drinking can help get the mood going. When family and friends get together, they’ll have a few drinks, and socializing is often inevitable. When they are drunk, they will always call each other brothers and get closer to each other. Since alcohol consumption is metabolized by the liver, how to protect the liver is a very important issue for modern people who have to drink alcohol and entertainment, so let Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu, an authority on liver health, teach you tips for liver health!

Excessive alcohol consumption leads to fatty liver, which prevents the liver from producing fresh nutrients.

Drinking too much wine will lead to fatty liver, although not as serious as the liver damage caused by liver B, C, but still will damage the liver, if serious, may also progress to cirrhosis of the liver. The father of the Taiwan liver pill called Lee Sheng-Pu Chinese medicine said, fatty liver will make the liver can’t produce fresh nutrition, so the accumulation of waste nutrition, and can’t have physical strength; Because liver health, can make the nutrition in the food can be absorbed and metabolism.

The whole world is drunk and I’m awake. It’s important to protect your liver health.

Dr. Lee pointed out that most people are not strong enough to drink, and when they get drunk, they drive and doze off, have temper fights, and drink to worry.  Each appearance varies from man to man; and to make the world drunk, I am alone. In addition to taking Chinese herbs that are effective in detoxifying toxins and alcohol, liver protection also includes not drinking ice water, and exercising to promote metabolism, increase sweating, smooth urination and defecation, expel oil, and cause abnormal precipitation to be expelled through sweating.

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Sweating makes your body breathe better, which makes you stronger.

It is also very important to protect the liver, especially when the dirty things under the blood vessels and skin are drained away; Dr. Lee explained that this will make the body breathing better, because in fact it is not only the breathing of the nose and lungs, sweating and sweating can be obvious body breathing, breathing all over the body, will feel that the physical strength becomes better, breathing into the body breathing, will cause the pores to develop mother hen skin, and body breathing will make the cells in the adjustment of breathing.

Every cell is nourished by the liver, and the liver is what you eat, drink and be merry with.

Dr. Lee and stressed that the liver is the general’s official, and the strategy is out, the liver is a metabolic nutrient distribution organ, the nutrition of each cell is under the control of the liver. For example, dry eyes, eye fatigue, because the liver opens the orifices in the eyes, do not look at many departments, go to the doctor everywhere, suspecting that they have any disease; in fact, eat, drink and play, we have to think of the liver, all caused by the influence of the liver, the liver is good, then life is simplified.

It’s easy to get drunk on an empty stomach. Don’t drink cold beer.

Drinking alcohol is often exciting, but there are some principles to drinking alcohol. Dr. Lee suggests not to drink on an empty stomach because it is easy to get drunk, so eat some rice and meat before drinking. If you have hepatitis C, drinking alcohol is 10 times more damaging, so it’s best not to drink a drop of alcohol and avoid cold beer. In addition, you should be especially careful of people who spit out the truth after drinking, and if they get into fights after drinking, they should be avoided.

A healthy liver gives you the energy you need to live life to the fullest!

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Originally from: Healthnews.com.tw
Healthnews/ Reporter Ka-Ching Kwan reports

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