DR. Scholl long-legged performance legs stockings M

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Particularly suitable for walking to the evening feel sore, you stage pressure design to ease the calf is not edema, comfort is not afraid of shopping around the radish legs ◆ M: (height 150 ~ 160, leg 30 ~ 38, ankle 19 ~ 23)

SP Revitalizing Relief Patch

Product Description

Japan R & D and manufacturing, pressure design stage to ease the calf is not edema, comfortable shopping is not afraid to go out radish legs.
Link check design, stylish and wild.

Additional Information

Usage ◆ For the best results of this product, be sure to select the right size for your application.
Please take off your hand before wearing, feet jewelry, and pay attention to the nails are flat hands and feet, so as not to break the socks.
Wearing Please note that part of the special weave should be aligned with the heel and knee, and to the formation of fabric, do not let the socks appear creases and loose conditions, the pressure evenly distributed.
If you feel uncomfortable or have a sense of tension, please try again tomorrow.
Ingredients ◆ Capacity: 1 pair ◆ Place of Origin: Japan ◆ Material Description: Please see the packing instructions ◆ Date of Manufacture: Please indicate according to the product packaging ◆ Preservation Method: Please keep in a cool and dry place and avoid sunshine
Warning ◆ Do not use if you have severe blood circulation problems.
◆ have blood circulation problems, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, nerve problems wearing the site, please consult a physician.
◆ Please wear something out of size, wear two pairs at the same time or wear socks.
◆ Stop allergies and other physical discomfort immediately if found.
◆ To prevent product distortion Do not preserve the product in a twisted state.
◆ Do not place in high temperature, humidity, direct sunlight in order to avoid deterioration of the product.
◆ Do not bleach, drying, it is recommended to manually wash, to choose machine wash, please put the appropriate size of the laundry bag and color separation.
◆ Before wearing, please take off your hands and feet, and pay attention to whether the nails are flat or not, so as not to break the socks.
Brand Dr.Scholl

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