Don’t ignore the Eye Alert. Your Liver is Calling for Help.

According to the Ophthalmology Society of  Taiwan, Taiwanese people spend 7.8 hours a day staring at the screen, which means that they spend more than half of their waking hours staring at the screen, and their eyes are mostly in a state of tension, which leads to many eye related problems.

In addition to changing eye habits, from a Chinese medicine perspective, eye discomfort may also be a warning sign from the liver, as mentioned in the Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine: “The heart opens the tongue, the spleen opens the mouth, the lungs open the nose, the liver opens the eyes, and the kidneys open the ears.

Signs of liver problems: cloudy eyes and sluggishness

“We in TCM talk about the liver, its energy radiates to the eyes and the physiological system,” says Lee Sheng-pu, an authoritative TCM doctor in liver disease. “When a person’s eyes are cloudy, dry and not bright, it is an initial sign that the liver is no longer in good condition.”

“The liver is a “chemical” organ, responsible for the body’s metabolism,” explains Dr. Lee. If the liver cannot deliver the nutrients in time, the body lacks energy, which is why the liver will look depressed when it is not well, especially when the eyes are not clear.


Liver, eyes and brain are closely related.

In Western medicine, most people rely on scientific figures to determine whether or not they are sick. In this regard, Dr. Lee said that usually seeing a red letter on a health check-up report means that the body has suffered some degree of wear and tear, from a TCM perspective, the health of the liver can be seen in the eyes.

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“The liver is the officer of the general and the general’s advisor. The liver protects the body, and the eye, the brain and the liver have a complete relationship with each other,” Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu explained. If the liver has good energy, what the eyes see will be reflected to the brain, which will produce new thoughts and creativity.

On the other hand, if the liver is weak, the brain will become sluggish because the eyes are unable to translate what they have read into personal wisdom. That’s why some people spend the same amount of time sitting at a desk reading a book, while others can fully absorb the knowledge in the book and some end up with nothing.

When one’s liver is tired, one’s eyes are also tired,” Lee said. When the liver is tired, the eyes are also tired,” Dr. Lee says, adding that if one day you have a hard time seeing things, you have to be careful, it means that your mind is no longer able to reflect what you see, and you are easily impatient and irritable.

In addition, Dr.Lee also explained that dry eye syndrome and early presbyopia at the age of 40 to 50 are absolutely related to the condition of the liver.

Nourish your liver before your eyes.

Modern people have an uneven diet and must rely on supplements to replenish their lack of nutrients. Especially in the age of the 3Cs, supplementing with lutein seems to be an important thing.  However, Dr. Lee also reminded that all the nutrients have to be processed by the liver. For example, vitamins are made in factories, and whether the vitamins are really replenished when taken into the body depends on whether the liver has synthesized them, if the liver function is poor, the supplements will not only fail to achieve the desired effect, but will only add to the burden of the body.

A healthy liver gives you the energy you need to live life to the fullest!

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