Dizziness, mental decline, Chinese medicine has a way of managing it.

It’s so hot that it doesn’t take long to get dizzy and misty-eyed outside. However, even if you spend too much time in an air-conditioned room every day, you will still be prone to dizziness and weakness. According to traditional Chinese medicine, if you experience dizziness even when you are hot or cold, it is a sign of deterioration of your brain power, which is unable to withstand the changes of heat or cold, and is related to the blockage of blood circulation. In order to treat the symptoms, the treatment must be to calm the Blood, not to clear it.

Dizziness, inability to withstand heat or cold, is a sign of mental decline.

What do Chinese medicine practitioners think about dizziness caused by hot weather? Why do I get dizzy even in an air-conditioned room? According to Dr.  Lee Sheng-Pu, a Chinese medicine practitioner, dizziness is a phenomenon of brain decline, because the brain is full of energy to cool the organ, the brain at the top of the body, to receive the body’s nutrition and blood and gas circulation, brain cells are not healthy enough, it can not withstand the heat and cold outside changes.

Strength is the interaction of brain and body, the antagonism of cold and heat.

The Chinese medicine Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu pointed out, walking exercise has been sweating, if will head dizziness, hands and feet weakness no physical strength, is the brain than normal people decline a lot, the brain reaction speed will not be fast enough, strength is not strong enough; because strength is the brain and body interaction, cold and heat of the antagonistic role, yin and yang, moving and static, when the heart power is not enough, but also reflect the brain’s calmness is not enough, the brain calmness is enough, the more enough, the heart power is enough, then the whole body power is enough, if the brain will be dizzy afraid of heat, it means the health of the brain is not enough.

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Can’t adapt to temperature changes. Cold and heat can cause cold symptoms.

The brain can not withstand the heat, can not adapt to changes in temperature, it is easy under the hot and cold, the cold symptoms, the slightest fatigue and lack of energy, neck stiffness, dizziness, severe headache and want to vomit. Dr. Lee explained that the brain is a very important organ, is the storage of electricity and power generation system, can control the whole body, all visceral functions are inseparable from the brain’s interactive mechanism, to see if the brain is healthy, depends on whether he can withstand heat; usually in a hot environment, not dizzy, will not be weak, is the best health, a hot urine yellow, urinary tract inflammation, fire, systemic dysfunction, is the second class health, third class is It can cause heat stroke, fainting and shock.

The blood needs to be balanced, so that all the small blood vessels can be revitalized.

Red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets and oxygen in the blood all play an important role in brain health!Dr. Lee said, in anemia, there is not enough hemoglobin and oxygen, and the blood fat, cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood are abnormal, so the blood concentration cannot be naturally balanced, so it cannot withstand heat and cold. Some people say that the blood is too thick to purify the blood, but purifying the blood will also destroy the red blood cells; in fact, to balance the blood is to balance the blood, to balance the body, so that the small blood vessels can be revitalized.

She’s constantly dizzy and weak, and her blood work was over 3,000 triglycerides.

Dr. Lee cited an example of an outpatient clinic where a woman often suffered from dizziness and weakness, and her blood test for triglycerides was over 3,000, while the average person would be at risk at 1,000. So she resigned from her job, took liver nourishing and blood-pressure medication, exercised every day, basked in the sun, sweated and boosted her metabolism, and her triglycerides dropped to 36, and were still in the 50s after five years. In the past few years, special attention has been paid to diet and exercise maintenance, and there is no need to take medication every day. This case is a good example of the importance of exercise and diet control.

Pre-menstrual dizziness and migraine to nourish blood and liver

There are also people who have insufficient hemoglobin and blood, but also because of the temperature difference and dizziness; Dr. Lee mentioned, especially women with migraines before menstruation, often with anemia, before the blood in the brain will concentrate blood to the uterus, there will be headaches and bad mood, this time in the week before menstruation to take blood Chinese medicine, usually to nourish the liver Chinese medicine to promote metabolism, one or two months will not have a headache.

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