Common types of liver disease

Introducing the 7 liver diseases

Liver disease refers to diseases of the liver in general, of which the main ones are viral hepatitis, alcoholic liver disease, drug-induced liver disease, fatty liver disease, cirrhosis and liver cancer.

  1. Viral hepatitisThere are at least six types of viruses that can cause hepatitis, including A, B, C, D, E and G. Hepatitis E and G are relatively rare in China.Hepatitis A: It is mainly transmitted orally, once infected and antibodies are produced, the person has lifelong immunity.Hepatitis B: Infection is mainly through body fluids, especially blood. Hepatitis B can easily become chronic hepatitis, and a large proportion of people will develop cirrhosis of the liver, and the chance of liver cancer is 100 times higher than the general population.

    Hepatitis C: The route of infection is similar to that of hepatitis B, but the infectivity is not as high as that of hepatitis B. About half of the people will become chronic hepatitis C, of which about 10-25% will develop into cirrhosis and then liver cancer.

    Hepatitis D: Only those who are carriers of hepatitis B can be infected. Hepatitis D often occurs more frequently in sex workers and drug addicts, often resulting in explosive hepatitis and a high mortality rate.

  2. Fulminant hepatitisIn acute hepatitis caused by viruses, drugs, alcohol, etc., liver cells are severely damaged within 6 to 8 weeks, and if the damage is excessive, liver failure may result.
  3. Alcoholic liver diseaseHeavy drinking in a short period of time, or chronic alcoholism, may cause acute damage to liver cells or chronic ongoing damage, with acute damage leading to alcoholic hepatitis and chronic damage leading to fatty liver, chronic hepatitis, and eventually cirrhosis.
  4. Drug-induced liver diseaseFor example, the pain and fever medication, antibiotics, sleeping pills, tranquilizers, if taken in large quantities at one time or over a long period of time, may cause hepatitis, even fulminant hepatitis.
  5. Fatty liver diseasePathogenic factors include obesity, excess blood fat, nutritional disorders, alcoholism, drug abuse, diabetes and other metabolic diseases, among which overweight is the most common cause.
  6. Liver cirrhosisCauses of cirrhosis include hepatitis B and C, alcoholism, drugs, metabolic liver disease, and autoimmune liver disease, among others. Common Cause. People with cirrhosis have a 5% chance of developing liver cancer each year.
  7. Liver cancerIn Taiwan, the main causes of primary liver cancer are hepatitis B and aspergillus toxin, followed by chronic hepatitis such as hepatitis C and others. Cirrhosis of the liver. More than 80% of patients clinically found to have liver cancer have cirrhosis of the liver.
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