Climate changes in late summer and early autumn

Summer is gradually leaving, early autumn is quietly cool, and the changing climate makes it easy for people to catch a cold accidentally. Influenza is even more prevalent throughout the year. Especially for children, when they catch a cold, not only the children suffer, but also the adults are worried about it, and it would be a big problem if the flu is contagious. In fact, there are signs and symptoms of influenza, so if you can prevent it beforehand, you can avoid it, and even if you can control influenza before it appears, you can avoid serious illness! In traditional Chinese medicine, there are Chinese herbs that can help.

Flu symptoms are classified as contagious or allergic.

It’s a sign of a cold! Lee Sheng-Pu, a traditional Chinese medicine doctor, said that a cold can be divided into infectious and allergic; infectious will have itchy ears, sore throat and other symptoms, the virus is from the eardrum to the throat as the most common, and will appear sneezing, coughing, the beginning of sore throat before the first itchy ears, before the cold, afraid of heat, fever; the second is allergic, dizziness, headache, nasal congestion, sneezing, unable to adapt to the temperature difference, is the temperature outside! Dr. Li emphasizes that if the body has a strong ability to dissipate heat, it is less likely to have allergic colds.


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The immune system is the air field… and a weak body is prone to colds.

According to Dr. Lee, if a developing child has a lot of colds, it means that he or she is not in good health. The human immune system is the so-called qi field in Chinese medicine, why some people cannot adapt to external changes, as long as the weather becomes cold, allergies and sneezing, in fact, is the lack of qi in the body. All internal organs have their own functions. Allergies not only adjust the liver, but also the lungs and qi.

You have to adapt to changes in temperature and pressure to get to the top of the mountain and down to the bottom of the ocean.

Dr. Lee explained that it is a small weekday, there is temperature and pressure difference outside, and there is pressure from climbing a high mountain and going to the deep sea, so taking an elevator to more than 100 floors is very fast. This is what it feels like to be under stress. Stress comes from outside, and stress comes from within. Only a healthy body can the deeper you go, the more pressure you’ll feel. The body needs to be healthy to adapt to changes in the outside world.

Anti-influenza Chinese medicine and cold medicine Anti-temperature difference, anti-pressure difference, anti-virus

In late summer and early autumn, the climate changes a lot, and when it rains, it’s cool outside and stuffy inside, so it’s easy to catch a cold or even the flu if the body’s atmosphere is not enough. Therefore, Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu specially researched and developed Chinese medicine that can fight the flu. He said that Western medicine will make people sleepy and weak, and antibiotics will make people’s energy drop, and their immunity will get worse day by day. A good cold medicine should be considered to have no side effects, not hurt stomach and intestines, not sleepy, and can be taken by all people, the elderly and children can resist temperature difference, and resist poor air pressure, and should be able to fight the virus.

You have to live a meaningful and positive life to make your career respectable.

Dr. Lee emphasizes health, meditation, and the use of the Vajrayana Sutra to cultivate the mind, and calls himself a monk. Physically, he has never been vaccinated, nor has he taken blood samples for biochemical blood tests, and he has great confidence in the Chinese medicine developed by the company; he says that we all only live once, and we must live to be praised by others, that we must respect ourselves, that we must live a meaningful and positive life, and that whether or not the manufacturing of medicine is beneficial to the world should be judged by society before it deserves the world’s recognition and the cause can be highly praised by the world.

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