Chinese medicine’s understanding of liver physiological function

The liver has the main 3 function in Chinese medicine.

  1. The liver relieves drainsIt refers to the liver’s function of maintaining the smooth flow of internal organs. It mainly relieves emotional turmoil, promotes digestion and absorption, aids digestion and absorption in the spleen and stomach, secretes and excretes bile, maintains the flow of qi and blood, and regulates the flow of blood. Aqueous metabolism, regulating sexual and reproductive functions.
  2. The liver harbors blood and produces blood.The liver is involved in hematopoiesis, because the liver has the function of storing blood and regulating the volume of blood, so the liver has the name of “sea of blood”.
  3. Physiological properties of the liverAccording to Chinese medicine, the liver is a wood and its branches like to stretch outwards, therefore, the liver qi should be soft and smooth in order to maintain its normal function. Physiological Functions. This characteristic of the liver is closely related to its physiological function of relieving drains. The function of the liver is normal. In addition, Chinese medicine practitioners also believe that liver has a certain connection with spring, so liver qi is strongest in spring, and liver disorders are often seen in spring.
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