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The Right Diet for Summer

The Right Diet for Summer
June 26, 2019 1539 Views No comments

During the hot summer months, one should eat more vegetables and fruits, less fried and spicy food. You should not consume anything too cold either. When there is heat in our body, we have to supplement it with water slowly; we should never drink too much water at once. There is a reason why people in ancient times wouldn’t drink too much water when they were engaged in heavy manual labor. Also, when one is in a marathon race or having a break in a boxing match, he shouldn’t drink too much water either. It’s actually a way to retain power. Of course, you still need an appropriate amount of water to provide you constantly with oxygen, power, and energy. It is essential to drink just the right amount of water before going out or during work. Make sure to supplement yourselves with water gradually, rather than drinking too much at one time.

We have to rely on our bodies in the long run. If you have sufficient health knowledge and are willing to take care of yourselves, you will most probably still live healthily when you reach your 70s or 80s. If you let yourselves do whatever you want, then as early as your 30s or 40s, you might possibly suffer from atrophy of kidney, cirrhosis, fatty liver, general sclerosis of organs, degenerative joints, body aches and so on. We have to be the master of our own bodies as it reflects to us about what we do to it. Imagine if you see frost in June, this is a bad sign as it indicates that the climate has been messed up. If we imagine our stomach as the days in Summer, we’d know naturally that drinking ice cold water would not be a good idea, since an icy cold stomach makes it impossible for our energy to flow to other parts of the body. Our limbs require energy to function, and if there is no constant flow of energy from our core, our limbs would undoubtedly become powerless, our body would become tired or ache. All these hurt our bodies prematurely.

During the summer, the nights are short, and the days are long. The sun rises at five o’clock and only sets at seven or eight o’clock. The daily routine of human beings varies according to the rhythm of nature. We work during the day and rest at night. That’s why our workload increases a lot in summer, and we consume more energy too. In ancient times, the summer was a great period to lose extra weight, but it has become impossible for people of the modern days, since we often have air-conditioning in our environment, we consume too many cold drinks and have an excessive diet. People used to eat less when it was too hot, and their body could adjust according to their changed diet too. Nowadays, people are more prone to gather fat in their bodies with air-conditioning, hotpot, cold drinks, etc. When time goes by, fat is trapped inside the blood vessel walls, and such issues might eventually lead to the hardening of blood vessels or neutral fatty