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How Diabetes affects your VITAL organs.

How Diabetes affects your VITAL organs.
November 19, 2018 587 Views No comments

Diabetes ranks among the top 10 causes of death among Chinese people. It is estimated that there are 116 million people with diabetes in Taiwan and China combined. The difficult thing about diabetes is that a stable blood sugar level is hard to control, which can lead to systemic complications, including retina damage, kidney disease, thickening and hardening of artery walls, etc. In more severe cases, it may cause blindness, dialysis, amputation and stroke. Famous Chinese medicine practitioner Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu pointed out that using Chinese medicine to treat diabetes can restore the production function of islet glands so that patients can regain their physical strength and exercise, lowering the bodies blood sugar level naturally and stably, preventing future complications.

Dr. Lee has treated a 70-year-old patient named Mr. Luo who has been diagnosed with diabetes for several years. Mr. Luo started a strict diet eating less sugar and oily food and eventually developed a fear of eating. He lost 17 lbs following this diet, where he often felt dizzy and fatigued from lack of nutrition. After being treated by Dr. Lee using Traditional Chinese Medicine, the only diet changes he made was to avoid cold and sweet items. He’s gained 8 lbs back and has a great day to day energy, all while maintaining a balanced and healthy blood sugar level.

In Western medicine, they treat diabetes using hypoglycemic medication and insulin. Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu says sometimes a side-effect would prevent the body from being able to absorb any sugar, causing rapid weight loss and a drop off in physical strength. Please take hypoglycemic medication and insulin with caution.

Dr. Lee's professional opinion is that diabetes is not just a problem with insulin and glucagon levels secreted by the islet glands, but also an issue with the spleen, stomach, liver, and kidneys. Diabetes may cause pernicious anemia, where there are insufficient red blood cells being produced and eventually damaging your kidneys. A good kidney is important for maintaining a good red blood cell count. A diabetic patient may have sudden drops in blood sugar levels, and when the liver cannot immediately convert sugar into glucose for the body to use, some severe symptoms may arise, such as Dizziness, cold sweats, and fainting. Meaning a healthy liver and kidney can also help you combat Diabetes.

Using Western medicine and Chinese medicine treatments together?

Dr. Lee says Chinese medicine treatments are natural and work in sync with your diet, to make sure you have enough physical strength to exercise. He also believes that combining Chinese medicine with Western medicine to combat Diabetes may make the side effects less severe from western medication.