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Discharge of mucus, teary, oily and tired eyes are all related to the health of your liver!

July 10, 2019 36 Views No comments

Do you often have problems with eye fatigue, frequent eye oil or a lot of discharge in the eyes? According to Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners, the health of our liver is closely related to our eyes. Once you have a lot of discharge, oil or your eyes are easily tired, it means that you are having problems in your liver as well. In this sense, if you want your eyes to be in their good shape, then you first need to take care of your liver. Liver expert, Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu pointed out that since our liver is linked to our eyes, if we have enough sleep and absorb sufficient nutrients in our diet, our liver is naturally in a good shape, and we would have brighter eyes too.

During this high-tech era, it’s important to support the organ in charge of our vision.

Chinese medicine practitioner, Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu pointed out thirty years ago that the technology would be dominating the current society, that is, we mostly need our mind, our eyes and our hearing to lead us to different aspects in life. He explained that human eyes work incredibly fast, and they are the first organ to lead our direction. We need eyes to look for things, to navigate and to search for information on the phone. It’s vital to have good vision. And that’s why we need to take care of the organ in charge of our vision.

To improve our eyes’ health, it is first important to nourish our liver

"To improve the health of your eyes, you must start with the liver. Liver nourishment is the root, and this particular source should be handled well.” Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu pointed out that the liver is the organ of metabolism, it is the main source of our eyes’ function. Our kidney is the source of a function of our genitals. Since our kidney and liver have the same source, they affect each other. That’s why our eyes can determine whether we like a person at once, whether we have feelings towards a person, or whether a fight is going to occur. Our eyes always make the quickest decision.

You must take enough rest to keep your eyes in good shape

Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu further indicated that if we’re tired easily, it means that our liver doesn’t have enough energy; and if there’s not enough chemical energy, our liver doesn’t have sufficient energy either. Only with enough nutrients and amount of sleep shall we nourish our liver. People of modern days think too much and move too little. To keep our eyes in their good shape, it is important to take enough rest.

We must find the right ways to rest and let our liver rest primarily.

Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu explained that the chemical composition of the liver can be produced in the liver after eating. There are countless numbers of ingredients produced through the chemical composition in our liver. If the chemical composition does not function well in our liver, then we would not be able to absorb what we eat, nor benefit from it. Only through resting well and nourishing our liver, would our liver recover quickly. Having liver supplements is not the only solution that we should stick to, we have to bear in mind that having a balanced diet is the key.

Meditation can help to increase the energy of your liver, and generate sufficient chemical reaction

So, how do we energize our liver? Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu said that to strengthen our liver, we can adopt ways of resting, such as through meditation, which is the main navigation for chemical reactions for our eyes. He stressed that for traditional Chinese medicine practitioners, our liver acts as the General of our bodies, it leads our lives to different directions. We need to plan our daily routine, and that puts our liver into action. When we put our mind at ease, we make our eyes rest too, and we do not achieve this only by sleeping. The world can work normally if we work normally, and both our mind and bodies need to move. If we are to lead a dynamic life, we need to move. By resting and meditation, we can restore the energy of our liver and eventually generate the chemical reaction of our bodies.

To innovate is to have a bright vision

So, what to do if there are problems with our liver? Dr. Lee Sheng-pu advised us to visit the doctor at once. As for daily maintenance, we can make use of some trustworthy liver supplement. In Buddhism, the idea of destiny is emphasized. It’s very important in our lives and it’s closely related to our mind as well. Once we find the right solutions, they can help us solve the issues. The same applies to liver supplement. Our bodies work similarly to our nature, and it explains why our liver plays such a crucial role in maintaining the balance of our bodies. To innovate, we must first have a clear vision and a clear mind. They are interlinked and inter-dependent.


How Diabetes affects your VITAL organs.

November 19, 2018 398 Views No comments

Diabetes ranks among the top 10 causes of death among Chinese people. It is estimated that there are 116 million people with diabetes in Taiwan and China combined. The difficult thing about diabetes is that a stable blood sugar level is hard to control, which can lead to systemic complications, including retina damage, kidney disease, thickening and hardening of artery walls, etc. In more severe cases, it may cause blindness, dialysis, amputation and stroke. Famous Chinese medicine practitioner Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu pointed out that using Chinese medicine to treat diabetes can restore the production function of islet glands so that patients can regain their physical strength and exercise, lowering the bodies blood sugar level naturally and stably, preventing future complications.

Dr. Lee has treated a 70-year-old patient named Mr. Luo who has been diagnosed with diabetes for several years. Mr. Luo started a strict diet eating less sugar and oily food and eventually developed a fear of eating. He lost 17 lbs following this diet, where he often felt dizzy and fatigued from lack of nutrition. After being treated by Dr. Lee using Traditional Chinese Medicine, the only diet changes he made was to avoid cold and sweet items. He’s gained 8 lbs back and has a great day to day energy, all while maintaining a balanced and healthy blood sugar level.

In Western medicine, they treat diabetes using hypoglycemic medication and insulin. Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu says sometimes a side-effect would prevent the body from being able to absorb any sugar, causing rapid weight loss and a drop off in physical strength. Please take hypoglycemic medication and insulin with caution.

Dr. Lee's professional opinion is that diabetes is not just a problem with insulin and glucagon levels secreted by the islet glands, but also an issue with the spleen, stomach, liver, and kidneys. Diabetes may cause pernicious anemia, where there are insufficient red blood cells being produced and eventually damaging your kidneys. A good kidney is important for maintaining a good red blood cell count. A diabetic patient may have sudden drops in blood sugar levels, and when the liver cannot immediately convert sugar into glucose for the body to use, some severe symptoms may arise, such as Dizziness, cold sweats, and fainting. Meaning a healthy liver and kidney can also help you combat Diabetes.

Using Western medicine and Chinese medicine treatments together?

Dr. Lee says Chinese medicine treatments are natural and work in sync with your diet, to make sure you have enough physical strength to exercise. He also believes that combining Chinese medicine with Western medicine to combat Diabetes may make the side effects less severe from western medication.