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During the Summer months, people with a cold stomach and inner heat in their intestines have a higher chance of constipation.

During the Summer months, people with a cold stomach and inner heat in their intestines have a higher chance of constipation.
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In summer, when the temperature is hot, many people often have a shorter temper, get impatient easily and even suffer from physical discomforts such as dizziness, dry mouth, bad breath, insomnia, and constipation. When the body senses inner heat, some people will have a poor appetite, and they only want to have ice cold drinks and foods to cool down. According to Chinese medicine practitioners, it would only make the body create more heat if one doesn’t eat when he has no appetite, or only have cold drinks/foods. He would also have a worse temper and get tired more easily, thus suffer from more discomfort.

The Famous Chinese Medicine practitioner, Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu, said that when one feels inner heat during summer, it means that he lacks sufficient water and nutrients, and he cannot properly discharge the inner heat of the body. If he chooses not to eat when he has a poor appetite, or have only cold foods, his cold stomach would slow down the digestion and circulation and reduce the body’s ability to dissipate heat. In turn, it is easier to accumulate waste in the body. Furthermore, consuming cold foods will cause nutrients to solidify because of the low temperature, thus producing triglyceride. It blocks the blood vessel walls and makes the person prone to stones or skin diseases.

Why do people who like to eat cold foods get constipated more easily? Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu further explained that as the gastrointestinal motility slows down, there is not enough water that’s evaporated, the body thus cannot absorb enough water. The body absorbs water through the colon and rectal. If there is not enough water, constipation is caused and a body that’s cold in the stomach and hot in intestines is formed. Also, when the feces are relatively dry and hard, a wrong bowel movement or constipation would make it easier to squeeze the veins, and cause hemorrhoids. It is recommended to practice abdominal breathing and focus on the navel during a bowel movement, as this can avoid the anus to produce excessive force. If this happens, women might hurt their ovaries and men might suffer from the enlargement of the prostate.

Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu stressed that if one feels really hot, he can use an ice towel to cool down, but our inner body is not suitable for coldness, we ought to supplement it with lukewarm water, sufficient sleep, abundant vegetables and water for moisture. If one tries to avoid the sun because he doesn’t want to feel hot or get tanned, then his immunity would surely be affected. It is thus necessary to look for the right ways to dissipate heat. Chinese medicine practitioners stress the importance of overall health and to have the right concept of maintaining health. It is also essential to keep up with good living habits to ensure the natural rhythm of our body functions, and to avoid illnesses.