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A meat lovers nightmare, constipation.

A meat lovers nightmare, constipation.
June 29, 2018 524 Views No comments

Do you love eating meat? Studies show that eating too much meat may cause higher chances of constipation with more severe cases leading to hemorrhoids. A lot of us really enjoy a good barbecue with lots of meat and often experience stomach issues or constipation afterwards. If you don't act fast to fix your constipation issues, it will lead to hemorrhoids.

Emotional Stress also a cause of constipation.

Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu, a world-famous Chinese medicine doctor, says that constipation is not just caused by eating lots of meats. Many people experience constipation from emotional stress and tension. For example, many new trainees and recruits for any industry often get constipated because of nervousness. Dr. Lee recommends other than eating fewer meals consisting heavily of meat, is that you need to constantly remind yourself not to be nervous and stay relaxed.

In order to confirm that tension has an effect on the digestive system, there was an experiment. Dr. Lee Sheng Pu said that researchers monitored a dog’s stomach while using electromyogram to detect its electrical activity produced. The test found that when there was food placed in front of the dog, the digestive system would release a bile causing tension and excitement in the digestive system.

Dr. Lee wants to remind you the digestive system thinks and is emotional too. Just like the brain, when nervous it sends signals for your hands and feet to feel cold or tremble and cold sweat. The same signals can make your digestive system array.

Steps to maintaining a healthier digestive system.

Dr. Lee, stresses the importance of eating more fruit and vegetables, the ratio of fish and vegetables 4 to 6, so it maintains enough water and fiber in the digestive tract. If you lack either fiber or hydration its easy to become constipated. Relax when using the restroom, do not use force or you will tense up your digestive system.