Balancing the Zen Way to Wellness Founder Lee Sheng-Pu teaches you how to do it

At the age of 79, the renowned Chinese medicine practitioner Lee Sheng-Pu is so deaf and sharp-sighted that he looks much younger than his actual age, and still continues to see patients. He is almost 80 years old, and his speed on the ski slopes is impressive even to young people. He has his own set of private health care secrets, such as his own “Balance Zen” anti-aging secret recipe, which he does for half an hour every morning when he wakes up, and meditates for half an hour to promote blood circulation in the intestines, stomach and brain, as well as writing “The Diamond Sutra” to nourish the body, so that the body gets enough vitality and energy, not only to avoid chronic diseases, but also to be as energetic as a young man!

It’s even more important for middle-aged people to stay healthy.

We all want to be healthy and happy, but many people do not have access to the door, the body’s functions are gradually degenerating and aging, all kinds of diseases. In particular, people over 50 years of age, blood circulation began to deteriorate, liver and intestinal metabolism gradually weakened, fatty liver and other problems will naturally emerge, and even appear before old age and decay; therefore, people in middle age, it is all the more important to focus on health.

I can’t believe I’ve reduced my wrinkles by practicing concentration.

Dr. Lee began practicing Balance Zen more than 10 years ago as part of his health regimen, and says that it is a healthy practice worth learning because it practices concentration, as well as the connection between the eyes and the heart and the cells of the body. Dr. Lee said that many celebrities have had facelifts to reduce their wrinkles and even have surgery to improve their health, but after practicing Balance Meditation for more than 10 years, my neck wrinkles have been reduced.

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Your health is in the back of your head. You have to keep the back of your head in the air for your Balance Zen practice.

The way to practice Balance Zen is to lie on a bed with the hindbrain hanging in the air and the shoulders out of the bed, and then do leg exercises. Dr. Lee explained that the hindbrain includes the medulla oblongata, cerebellum and pituitary gland, and the hindbrain is the center of health, the brain is about managing thoughts, feelings and creativity. Dr. Lee mentioned the advantage of practicing Balance Zen is that the lower body does not age, and a healthy body is not something you can get by just wanting it, but rather, it is a harmony with nature that resists aging.

The hindbrain is connected to visual and cerebral cells… which correspond to the lower body organs.

Dr. Lee further explained that the hindbrain is the connection to the spine, to the heel motor center and the visual center. The human hind brain is connected to visual and brain cells and corresponds to the lower body organs. The lower body organs are the bottom part of the viscera, including the anus and up to the reproductive system, and are associated with the physiological sphincter, which is where aging begins. Weakening of the lower body, such as leakage of urine, incontinence and enlarged prostate glands, will result in weakness of the lower body, which is the phenomenon of aging.

Meditation is not a time to doze off… to remove distractions and restore the universe.

Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu, who cultivates his character through meditation and writing the Diamond Sutra, has a profound understanding of the Diamond Sutra, pointing out that many people doze off in meditation, which is not meditation. Meditation is not a time to doze off, but rather a time to concentrate, so that the body’s nutrition and biochemistry can change. There are many kinds of meditation, such as the Seventh Day Retreat, etc. Dr. Lee shared that in the Vajrayana Sutra, when Sakyamuni Buddha asked if he had gained anything from his meditation, he said that he had not gained anything, because what he had learned was nothing, and he had gone deep into the realm of nothing. In fact, we have to slowly remove all the mixed thoughts so that they can be purified, and then we can start all over again.

To be Zen is to be completely pure. – That’s myself.

Zen is the complete purification of the one into the one who is me. Therefore, Dr. Lee believed that the practice of Zen should be practiced in the absence of the realm, and that if one could learn it every day, it would be of great benefit. If the mind and the body are completely pure, they can accommodate all things. Zen is the complete purity of being one, one is myself, one is also innate, and one is also water, creating a chemical interaction between body and water. Only then will the body not be swayed by material desires, you are your own pure self, free from desires and objects.

The most important thing is to see the original.

Dr.Lee stressed that the Buddha taught that a face is not a face, and that to see a face that is not a face is to see the Buddha. The chemistry in the body is not the phase of man, but the phase of meditation, but the phase of energy, which is the phase of seeing the Buddha. The most important thing is the original. If we keep moving away from the original, our thoughts will be distracted, our body will be liquefied, and the impurities will be inside our body. The mind is not the original self; the brain and the thoughts are all foreign thoughts.

Concentrate on your physical, mental and spiritual health… and you will be bright and happy when you are pure.

The shape will be persistent. Many people say that there is no filial piety in a prolonged illness; if you have to rely on others for a long time, you will not be able to stand it, and you should rely on yourself. Keep your health and make yourself pure, as if you were to see Buddha and be bright and happy.

The General’s strategy is based on a bad liver and aging.

Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu said, from outside the food into the body’s nutrition, vegetables have vegetable life, everything you eat, no matter what’s in the sea, the mountains are all foreign matter, is to go through the liver, in the body into vitality, all rely on the liver, the liver for the general officer strategy out of the Yan, is the liver. Although we don’t know what the liver does in the body, it always does, it is the natural energy in the body, it automatically and spontaneously produces the function, the liver is the uncomplaining contribution to the human body.

Eye Training for Inner Vision Meditation to Adjust Sleep Deprivation

In addition, Dr. Lee suggests that the eyes should have time to train their internal vision, not by sleeping, but by adjusting their consciousness, which will produce quality energy that goes beyond sleep and make up for the lack of sleep. Many people think about what they have planned for tomorrow when they sleep because they are not really relaxed and have not returned to their natural state of rest; therefore, their subconscious mind interferes with their sleep.

Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu, who knows the way to liver health, reminds us that in addition to regular exercise, internal maintenance is also very important to maintain a young and healthy body and mind. Apart from regular exercise, it is also very important to take good care of your body, so that you can live a life free of diseases and live like yourself!


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