Bloody stool and anal fissures, difficult to live with “hemorrhoids”! Chinese medicine can be adjusted?

When there is a bloody stool anal fissure can not be ignored, may have hemorrhoids on the body! Modern people love to eat barbecue, plus they eat less green vegetables, so they are often constipated. If you are constipated for … Read More

The air pollution is so dirty! What should I do if my health has serious problems?

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What’s wrong with bad eyes? The liver is the first thing that needs to be done to make the eyes shine

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Muscle Soreness Don’t Ignore It! Small Problem May Turn into Big Trouble

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Electronic Gadgets Lovers Need to Take Care of Eyes, There is a New Choice of Chinese Herbal Supplement

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Notice for Sheng-Pu Products

Since October 2020, some Sheng-Pu Products have been used by unscrupulous people to sell fraudulent products on  many fake websites. Authentic Sheng-Pu Products are only sold online through our website and on our Amazon stores. Beware of fraudulent products sold … Read More

Why GERD Can’t Be Controlled by Antacid? TCM Doctors Will Show You in Seconds

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What’s wrong with the bowel movements? This is how Chinese medicine relieves constipation

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Stomach aches and bloating, see if you have these habits

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Climate changes in late summer and early autumn

Summer is gradually leaving, early autumn is quietly cool, and the changing climate makes it easy for people to catch a cold accidentally. Influenza is even more prevalent throughout the year. Especially for children, when they catch a cold, not … Read More