Are you tired? Working women, careful with your liver!

Modern people have poor living habits, often stay up late and overeat, which often leads to poor liver function and even fatty liver. Not only men, especially modern women have to be on the run in the workplace, many of them have fatty liver. Spring is the season of growth, which is suitable for liver health because spring is the season of wood, where everything grows, and the liver is also wood. Like the natural world, yang qi is becoming more and more prevalent, so the first principle of spring health is to nourish the liver. Liver meridian.

The liver is showing warning signs of fatigue even after resting

Don’t underestimate the function of the internal organs and take moderate rest every day, says Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu. If you are still easily fatigued, weak and sore hands and feet, blurred eyes, headaches, and the nerves don’t want to move, it means the liver doesn’t want to work, and you should take appropriate rest; in fact, the human body is conscientiously working all the time, and is in constant operation, unless the liver has already shown warning signs, otherwise it doesn’t need special attention, if you are busy and can’t sleep for 7-8 hours, you can close your eyes and relax your muscles for about 20 minutes, and take a short rest, which can instantly replenish your physical energy.


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Total relaxation and forgetfulness will restore the liver’s energy

Rest is to let go completely, according to Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu, who pointed out that a short period of total relaxation and forget-me-not can restore liver qi and allow polarized The autonomic nerves can be depolarized, allowing the body to feel recharged quickly and the body’s meridians to recover from fatigue. In addition, especially do not always pay attention to whether there is a break, arbitrary nerves are too developed, everything is in charge, all day long trying to manage others well! It is not necessary to take care of one’s own organs, but it will only cause pain.


Healing the liver is about metabolism

Dr. Lee further pointed out that the liver is a sleep center, a metabolic organ, where the old does not go and the new does not come. If you pay too much attention to your body and are unable to let go of it, you will not be able to let your voluntary nerves and autonomic spirits perform at their full potential, and your liver will not be able to function as well as it should. There are the nerves, and at least one hour of the day is to be spent in letting go of all thoughts; for “the liver is the gate of the general, and the strategy comes out of it,” that is, with the The mind, the heart and the blood are all related, so you have to put yourself to death and live afterwards, just like a person has to have a bowel movement in order to eat! . Therefore, the best way to treat the liver is to metabolize it.

Dr. Lee received a Certificate of Appreciation for saving the life of a woman with Hepatitis C.

Clinically, there is a company boss’s wife who has cirrhosis in situ, is in a coma and has to wait for a liver transplant, and has anal bleeding. After a blood transfusion, not only could I not eat or drink, I also felt nauseous and wanted to vomit when I smelled food. The cirrhosis of the liver has improved as a result of being able to eat and drink. Another Japanese woman was admitted to the ICU because of a hepatitis C coma, but she recovered after taking Chinese medicine prescribed by Dr. Lee for two weeks. The woman’s son, Mr. Huang Min-Long, presented a special certificate of appreciation to Dr. Lee.

Liver protection: balanced nutrition, no ice, no worries, good sleep, and exercise.

Dr. Lee emphasizes that apart from letting go, not worrying, eating well and sleeping well, liver health should also not eat ice, because the temperature drops and the food is not safe. The lack of digestion and the release of nutrients will produce a coagulating effect, which will lead to the accumulation of heat. They want to eat ice even more, creating a vicious cycle. So, to protect the liver is to eat and drink at the right temperature, nutrition should be balanced, do not think too much, eat well and sleep well, and exercise.

A healthy liver gives you the energy you need to live life to the fullest!

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