Air-conditioned room cool summer fear of heatstroke and cold

Climate change, global warming, extreme cold in winter and extreme heat in summer! According to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), the infant mortality rate from last year to this year is one of the strongest in years, bringing extreme conditions to all continents. Taiwan has also been affected by the infant phenomenon, and the climate is becoming more and more abnormal. The sun is shining and the heat is high, and in the face of such a hot season, everyone stays in their air-conditioned rooms to beat the heat. It is possible to get heatstroke in an air-conditioned room, or even a hot cold!

It’s cool inside and out. It’s not enough energy

According to Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu, the heat in summer makes it easy to get heatstroke, but you can also catch a cold because the pores of your body open in an air-conditioned room. If the cold air outside causes the hot air to dissipate, there may not be enough vital energy; because the heat has to dissipate, the pores will be opened and it will feel very cool. However, when the air conditioner changes the temperature, the sweat will be dried and the pores will be closed. However, once you feel comfortable after a cool down, your muscles will be tightened and your belly will be affected by the heat dissipation mechanism. If you drink a cold drink with the air conditioning, you will lose your vitality.


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Drinking iced water and blowing out the air conditioner,  the cold inside and outside

“Life comes from a single breath! Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu pointed out that the gas emitted from the body, the outside air conditioning, inside drinking ice water, the source of internal gas is cut off, the internal cold plus external cold, will make the body to be a good source of gas. Muscles don’t recover easily from fatigue, and they get stiffer more easily! Often people are weakened after a summer, resulting in a long period of sleep before they recover from fatigue. In summer, you can blow the air conditioner to cool down the heat, but don’t drink iced water because it will cause the nutrients to coalesce, which will lead to the loss of energy. Coagulation of that gas, many pipes get clogged, small pipes get clogged, the chances of oil getting stuck in the walls of the blood vessels increases, heart attacks and cardiovascular blockage It will also increase in height.


Chinese medicine for treating heat stroke and colds

Dr. Lee pointed out that human beings are biochemical machines, and they get sick because they do not have normal gasification of the body; therefore, they should know how to gasify. The only way to live happily is to be reasonable. However, modern people, under the influence of Western medicine, are afraid of being able to cure diseases and have to undergo tests all the time. As for the Chinese medicine for heat stroke, it can actually be used as a cold medicine, but not as a cold and flu medicine. Rather, it is necessary to unclog the internal channels of the body to dissipate cold by cooling and raising the Yang effect of Chinese medicine, so as not to be spicy and hot, or else the mouth will be dry and the tongue dry.

Don’t drink ginger soup if you have heat stroke or cold

In summer, heat stroke or a cold cannot be improved by drinking ginger soup; Dr. Lee said that if you are exposed to the wind and cold in the rain, you can drink ginger soup to dissipate the cold, but if you have headache or body ache, you should not drink ginger soup to avoid injury to the stomach lining. And heatstroke tends to be a stiff neck and stiff shoulder blade muscles, the ginger soup is too hot and too spicy. The internal cold will subside, but it won’t reach the scapula, this is because the body’s qi cannot be released, and external cold plus internal cold will cause muscle stiffness and hardening of blood vessels, which will have a great impact on the brain, resulting in headaches, high blood pressure or strokes. 

Scrapie bleeding, fear of bacterial infection causing liver abscess

In addition, regarding people going to scrape when they have heatstroke, Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu thinks we should be careful; he said that when it is cold outside, the qi and blood do not rise and fall. If you scrape the sand to avoid bleeding, it may lead to bacterial infection, which in turn may cause the liver to be infected. As red blood cells have a life span of 120 days, it is against the natural metabolic mechanism to cause unnatural aging of red blood cells. Therefore, if you are suffering from heatstroke, you have to cool down the outside of your body and follow the internal heat dissipation mechanism.

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Originally from:
Healthnews/ Reporter Ka-Ching Kwan reports

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