Ageing eyes are not the preserve of the elderly Watch out for young cataracts

Nowadays, people of all ages, both men and women, slide their mobile phones every day, as if they are holding a light bulb and looking at it all the time. Once the eyes often appear blurred vision, eye fatigue, photophobia, double vision and other symptoms, most likely to deteriorate into cataracts, you must be careful. Chinese medicine doctors pointed out that although modern people will supplement lutein, the benefits of lutein is to block blue light, with a blocking way, to avoid the eyes to bear light damage, but the key is to have a good liver function; Chinese medicine has the so-called liver orifices in the eye, so liver medicine to take care of the eyes is more traceable to the source.

Poor bile secretion and dry eyes

According to Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu, modern people can’t stay away from 3C products, and 3C blue light will cause great damage to the eyes; cataract is an important cause of aging, and the phenomenon has been younger. The liver secretes bile, and if the quality of bile secretion is not good, the eyes will be dry easily, and some people with poor eyes will eat snake bile and bear bile to supplement. A good liver needs good liver medicine to take care of it, if the liver is good, the eyes will not get tired easily.

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The eyes are the supreme guide of the nervous system. It’s important to look after the liver.

Excessive fatigue is definitely very harmful to the body, but also hurts the eyes; Dr. Lee explained that the eyes are the highest guidance unit of the nervous system, when the body’s functions can not follow the changes in the eyes in the reflexes, it is already tired, it is likely to have been damaged. Dr. Lee emphasized that many people think that taking lutein or goji berries, yellow essence can improve eye problems, but if you are already too tired these are not enough, it is necessary to let the body is not tired, the brain and nerve response flexibility, adequate rest, sleep, exercise and nutrition supplement, but also to protect the liver nutrition, so that the secretion of high bile.


The liver’s production of bile has to do with the brain’s ability to judge and interpret

Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu pointed out that even dry eye syndrome can be cured, mainly to make bile secretion good, starting from the liver secretion of bile function, so that the liver secretion of bile quality is better, the eyes are not tired, the brain is clear, a person’s judgment will become better. Chinese medicine practitioners point out that the gall bladder is the “righteous official”, and the so-called “righteous official” means the decider and magistrate who judges things. According to Dr. Lee, the face of a judge in a temple is colored bile blue, which means his gall bladder is healthy and strong, and his judgment is good. Therefore, the liver must be responsible for the bile secretion in order to take good care of the eyes, and the bile secretion is closely related to the judgment and interpretation of the brain.

The liver and gallbladder meridians are weak, so pay attention to liver care and treatment

People usually go to a TCM doctor for dry eyes and cataract prevention; Dr. Lee pointed out that the diagnosis of brain and eye reflexes as well as judgment and reading are the strengths of TCM. The liver and gallbladder meridians are found to be weaker after examination, and poor eye health begins with poor bile secretion by the liver. For cataract surgery at the age of 50 to 60, one has to pay attention to liver care and treatment.

For eye protection, the liver must be well absorbed and metabolized

Dr.Lee Sheng-Pu said, protect the eye medication, and the liver’s biochemical reaction related, to make the liver’s absorption and metabolism good, eat lutein, wolfberry, yellow essence, must be the liver is very good, can break down and absorb. If the liver’s biochemical reaction is not good, the liver will be impatient and will often get angry with the spleen. If the body’s qi is smooth and its biochemical function is good, only then will one feel happy. With poor biochemical functions, one will never be happy if one gets trapped in a trap, without any sense of well-being, that is liver problem.

Liver Medicine for the Liver and Kidneys Improve eye fatigue, oily eyes, blurred eyes, and dizziness

Chinese medicine has been used for thousands of years, and many people are beginning to believe and accept the concept of Chinese medicine for health care, they no longer come to see a Chinese medicine practitioner only for illnesses that cannot be cured by Western medicine. In the future, more and more people will make themselves healthier through Chinese medicine, and using liver medicine to take care of the liver and kidneys can improve eye fatigue, runny eyes, blurred eyes, and blurred eyes will be the major trend.

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