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◆swelling invisible
◆inject new life into the cell

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Malignant tumors are the top ten causes of death ever since 1981: the other causes of death are heart disease, cerebrovascular disease, diabetes, pneumonia, nephritis and renal syndrome and renal disease, suicide, accidental injury, chronic liver disease And cirrhosis, high blood pressure disease. However, the culprit causing cancer are actually themselves. Changes in lifestyle / delicate diet culture / unbalanced nutrient intake / smoking / drinking are all bad habits Sowing seeds of different tumors virtually in your body. Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu, an authority of Chinese medicine practitioners, devoted many years to the research of "activity and mechanism" of herbal medicine. It proves that the compound is well-established and contains several kinds of precious Chinese ingredients, which can improve the effective absorption of high-quality polysaccharides more than the unilateral Brazil mushrooms. Besides, Time to take will not have adverse side effects.

Good selection of the first choice of Brazilian mushrooms, 100% using the fruiting body process, its ingredients can reduce the incidence of cancer Add precious Ganoderma lucidum polysaccharides can stimulate immune cells, anti-inflammatory function Contains a variety of precious oriental herbs, anti-phage and inhibition Ascitic liver tumor cells.

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Usage ◆ Preventive Maintenance - One morning daily can be ◆ Strengthen the maintenance - once in the morning and once in the afternoon, 1 to 2 tablets for adults and 3 to 4 tablets for more than 70 kg each. ◆ Hepatic Hemangiomas - Supplement Liver pills to take together
Ingredients ◆ Capacity: 90 tablets / bottle ◆ Origin: Taiwan ◆ Shelf life: Please indicate according to the product packaging ◆ Ingredients: Brazilian mushroom, Ganoderma lucidum, Hibiscus water extract, honeysuckle water extract, potato, starch, Magnesium ◆ Date of manufacture: Please indicate according to the product packaging ◆ Preservation method: Please put in dry and cool place, avoid the sunlight
Warning ◆ Please place it where children can not get it.
◆ Please put in a cool dry place, avoid sunlight.
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