Mentholatum 5in1 CC multi-effect moisturizing lip balm

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MLBB trend lip color charm continued fever! The new nude, moist, bright "Mentholatum CC multi-effect lip balm," a powerful 5-one formula, retouch dull lip gloss correction, moisturizing, plump lips, dilute lip lines, to achieve luster translucent. Like a natural lip gloss lip gloss, to achieve a clear impermeable net thoroughly makeup sense.

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◆ A 5-effect show pure nude makeup for low-key love you was born! Ultra-light feeling, high gloss, very pink "Mentholatum CC multi-effect lip balm," a touch of immediate correction of dull lip gloss, brighten lips, so that your lips without any trace of beauty! Contains moisturizing beauty liquid, daub instantly moisturizing full lips, lasting moisturizing. With Maxi-LipTM ingredients, enhance the elasticity of the lips, restore abundance of Q shells, create three-dimensional Pengrun lip! Vitamin E added, can effectively delay the aging lips, gentle smooth lines. 5 effect of one, let the lips tender powder, revealing a bright luster, showing a natural color clear nude makeup!

5 effect of unity, bare lips feel the highest level! Brighten your lips to create an unexpected pink natural lip makeup. The new four-color debut, easily find the most suitable for your #MLBB destiny!

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Apply to the lips evenly



Ingredients ◆ Capacity: 3.5g
◆ shelf life: according to the packaging of the main packaging ◆ Ingredients: see the packaging instructions ◆ Date of manufacture: according to the packaging of the main goods ◆ preservation methods: Please be placed in a dry shade, to avoid sunlight
Warning ◆ Do not use when the skin has a wound, eczema and other abnormalities.
◆ When using the skin is red, itchy, irritating and other abnormalities, please stop using and consult a physician.
◆ avoid accidentally strayed eyes, if accidentally strayed into, rinse immediately with plenty of water.
◆ Please place it where children can not get it.
Brand Mentholatum

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